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Loaded Cornflake Chicken

Chicken innerfillets in a lightly spiced flour, coated in crispy cornflake crumb & loaded your choice of toppings below 

Meals / Sharers

Combo Meal £10.95

3pc cornflake chicken (choose 1 option), plain tots, 1 sauce

8 cornflake chicken tenders, (choose any 2 options) 1 cheese loaded tots, 3 cauli pakoras, 2 sauces

Sharing Box £29.95

Sides & sauces

Potato tots £4

Garlic & parmesan tots £6

Cheese sauce £2

Chilli jam £2

Chimichurri £2

Vegan garlic & thyme £2

Burger sauce £1

Ketchup £1

Mustard £1

Choose your topping

Lemon & Herb

Lemon herb butter, garlic & thyme mayo, parmesan, coriander, spring onion, chives


Buffalo sauce, ranch dressing, blue cheese crumb, spring onion, chives,red chilli

Sticky korean soy sauce, sesame seeds, gochujang mayo, spring onion, red chilli

Sticky Korean

Cauliflower Pakoras

Light spiced cauliflower florets, vegan garlic & thyme mayo, chimichurri, spring onion, chives, red chilli

Loaded Tater Tots £8.95

Crispy fried potato tots, fluffy on the inside and crisp on the outside. Loaded with your choice crispy chicken tenders

3 pcs - £7.95

5pcs - £9.95


A trio of Mrs Kirkham’s traditionally produced raw milk Lancashire cheeses, accompanied by a chunk of Ruth Kirkham’s very own home-made fruit cake as a perfect pairing. Served with a selection of accompaniments including crackers, fruit, olives & condiments

Completely Kirkhams £9.50

Artisan Charcuterie & Cheese £12.50

A selection of artisan-produced charcuterie meats from Porcus, served alongside a selection of artisan British cheeses, curated at their best, by Jonathan Pearcey aka The Crafty Cheese Man. Served along with a selection of accompaniments including crackers, breadsticks, fruit, olives & condiments

Our seafood platter includes a selection of traditionally smoked fish and seafood from Lancaster Smokehouse, including smoked salmon, trout, smoked mackerel, herb & garlic mackerel, smoked prawns & gravadlax, served with bread, butter, condiments & a lemon wedge

From The Sea £13.50

Sides & Bar Snacks

Swallow barn olives £3.50

Rosemary & garlic | Pink peppercorn, coriander & garlic | Antipasti olives with roasted red peppers & roasted mushrooms

Porcus £2.50

Salami Sticks | Chorizo | Finochino | Peperoni

Little Troughers Meal Deal £8

Choose one half portion from our grazing menu


One Mr. Fitpatrick's Cordial & soda

(Blackcurrant | Apple & Elderflower | Cream soda)


A packet of Fiddler's Lancashire Crisps

(Simply Spuds | Creamy Lancashire cheese & onion | Sea salt & Malt Vinegar)


Vegan Kebabs

Shawarma Chikn £9.75

Homemade Seitan Donner £9.75


Our vegan kebabs are served on a warm Lebanese flatbread with zesty homemade hummus, crispy lettuce, tomatoes, pink pickled onions, sumac cabbage, vegan mayo, sriracha & coriander

Skin-on potato fries with our house seasoning topped with seitan donner, pink pickled onions, garlic sauce, sriracha, chives & coriander 



Skin-on potato fries with salt or

house seasoning.


Warm Lebanese flatbread with hummus & pink pickles


Two Guns

OG Red Top £13 / 5.50 Slice


Cheese blend, nonna sauce, basil, parmesan

Cheese blend, nonna sauce, pepperoni, basil, hot honey drizz, parmesan

Pepperoni £14 / 6.50 Slice

Cheese blend, nonna sauce, spicy pepperoni, chorizo crumb chillis, basil, parmesan, chilli jam drizzle

Big Joe £15

Garlic Shroom £15

Cheese blend, fried garlic & thyme mushrooms, mascerpone, truffle oil, basil, parmesan

Maui Waui £15

Cheese blend, nonna sauce, fresh pineapple, streaky bacon, chipotle BBQ drizz, basil, parmesan 

Waffle Fries

Buffalo & Ranch sauce drizz, jalapeños, crispy onions, chives

Locked & Loaded £8

Ranch Drizzy £5

Ranch Drizz, Chives

Straight Shooters £4

Seasoned with salt

Sliced dough strips, garlic, parmesan, chives, dipping pots of Nonna Sauce

Vampire Killaz £7.95


Nasi Goreng Royal  £9

Panko chicken breast, sweet & spicy curry sauce, pink ginger, tonkotsu sauce

(Vegan /Halal version available)

Wok fried rice with chicken, tomato, lime leaf, crispy shallots, cucumber, soy stained egg

Japanese Katsu £9

Korean Kimchi & Cucumber Salad  £6

Crisp cucumber tossed with

homemade kimchi

Roasted Corn Fritters £5

Savory sweetcorn fritters, sweet and sour glaze, pineapple, cucumber

Green Curry  £10

Wok fried rice with chicken, tomato, lime leaf, crispy shallots, cucumber, soy stained egg

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